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Muse by Princess Kitty1

'-AU- “You'll always be a whore, just like your mother.” Those words had been her undoing. Now years later, amidst the brokenness of her life there came this strange man, asking for what no one else ever had: Her heart. UlquiHime – Dark Fic-'

Honestly, this is the best UlquiHime fic I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a lot.

What I like most is the relationship created between the main pair, and how the development of the other pairs also plays a part in the development of their own. They have a surprising, dark, heart-wrenching relationship - and something I also really loved was that it was not based mainly off of lust. (Although there were some nosebleed-worthy happenings…)

A beautiful, hilarious but also sad story. :’D And PK’s writing! It was admittedly an inspiration, and so memorable too - she may even have become my own muse. :P

(Please excuse this random burst of fangirlism. Just go read the fic, pretty please?)


Bleach Opening 5 - ‘Rolling Star’ by Yui